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Deciding upon a career in today's demanding society leaves you with more than a few options. There are many things to consider, such as your passion, your skills, the benefits that come with a career, and financial compensation you can expect. A career as an employment specialist comes with many benefits and has the potential to be a fulfilling career choice.

What does an employment specialist do?

Simply put, employment specialists help people with the process of finding appropriate careers. To be more specific, employment specialists are responsible for many different duties, including the following:
  • Helping job candidates obtain appropriate training
  • Hiring the best candidates for particular jobs
  • Assisting people in applying for jobs
  • Guiding people through the process of finding and obtaining a job
Employment specialists often cater to at-risk individuals such as people with disabilities, military veterans, or people who have been convicted of crimes. As an employment specialist, you could work for a nonprofit, a private or public company, or a government agency.

Depending on the type of business in which you work, your daily responsibilities will vary. For example, you might work in a human resources department and play a vital role in the hiring process of a company. Or you could work for a nonprofit as the individual responsible for helping juvenile delinquents find appropriate after-school jobs.

What education and training can prepare me for a career as an employment specialist?

To become an employment specialist, typically a bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in business administration or psychology. Coursework in communication, management, human resources management, organizational development, and finance is appreciated.

Is a career as an employment specialist right for me?

You should genuinely enjoy working with people if you decide to pursue a career as an employment specialist. You will have many one-on-one meetings and be responsible for helping many different people from all different walks of life. You should also have a passion for helping people better their lives by matching them with appropriate jobs.

A career as an employment specialist has the potential to be a rewarding career, and jobs as human resource specialists are predicted to experience steady growth in the near future.

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