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Human resource career training provides the graduate with a skill set suitable to work in any number of positions including those that involve group training, leadership, community and business administration to name just a few areas.

The human resources student will be ready to enter the work force to build a career equipped with the ability to:
  • Effectively communicate and build working relationships.
  • Have a deep understanding of human development.
  • Engage in basic intervention skills.
  • Lead groups in training.
  • Facilitate groups.
  • Understand the group process and facilitation.
Upon entering the workforce in a human resource department the student will be able to:
  • Identify staff deficiencies.
  • Effectively interview and make recommendations for hiring.
  • Administer group health and benefits plans.
  • Be a resource for current and potential employees who inquire about company policies, duties pertaining to their positions, opportunities for further education and advancements.
  • Referee disputes, witnessing and documenting potentially explosive interchanges and administering disciplinary procedures.
  • Advise company and employees of the legal and ethical importance of equality within the workplace.
  • Recommend implementation of new initiatives and procedures.
Respectively, human resource career training qualifies the graduate to work in many operations of business.

Here are a few career considerations:
  • Benefits Manager (insurance companies or within a mid to large organizations)
  • Personnel Consultant
  • Recruitment Specialist (independent or within a recruitment firm)
  • Human Resources Manager (general or specialized)
  • Store Manager
  • Strategic Planning Consulting and Implementation
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Employee Interviewer
  • Business Development
  • Safety in the Work Place Specialist
  • Retirement Plan Administrator
If your area of employment has many retail head offices, then a career specializing in the hiring of retail employees may be a consideration. The same holds true for the pharmaceutical, aerospace or manufacturing industries. Any and all companies, especially large companies rely on a well-educated, well-staffed Human Resource Department as a business cannot run efficiently with a broken HR system.

This list does comprise the entire list of career opportunities accessible by having HR career training. It is important to note that human resource training can be applied to many professions and positions as an additional skill set.

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